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v0.4.6.0 beta

fresh install of PHPancake and I got this error when running it,

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM questionsheaders qh JOIN questionsbody ON qh.questionid=questionsbody.questionid JOIN users ON qh.userid=users.userid JOIN questionstags ON qh.questionid=questionstags.questionid JOIN tags ON questionstags.tagid=tags.tagsid LEFT JOIN categoriesuserlevel ON users.userid=categoriesuserlevel.userid AND categoriesuserlevel.categoryname=qh.categoryname GROUP BY qh.questionid ORDER BY qh.lastactivity_time DESC

is there a newer table structure not included in the install script???


I found what worked for me. Theres possibly some test script that is supposed to validate (possibly) that is not running the full course because I had the same exact problem and I did everything from editing the SQL calls to pulling down the latest versions from SVN to diff them. I found this file called test-data.sql at ~\phpancake\phpancake\sql_schema which does an alter table on the very tables that don't seem to have the required column so I backed up my db, ran the sql from inside of PHPMyAdmin, and it fired up.

For a quick fix, go to PHPMyAdmin, click on your db, and run this from the SQL tab:

ALTER TABLE questions_headers CHANGE questions_headers_id question_id INT( 10 ) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTOINCREMENT; ALTER TABLE questions_body CHANGE questions_body_id question_id INT( 10 ) UNSIGNED NOT NULL COMMENT 'fk to questionsheaders';


The following link will give you the latest SQL schema which is used. The install script should be up to date. https://phpancake.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/phpancake/phpancake/sql_schema/schema.sql


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