I am aware of this site not working properly. I am working on it!
v0.4.6.0 beta

Hi, I am working as a Magento developer at Touch Website Solutions known for providing best <a href="http://touchwebsitesolutions.com">Website design services. When I have installed 1.6.0 in a new subdomain and I have entered into the new database and delete all the content of the mysql linked to the 1.6.0 version.

Then I have exported the database of the 1.4.2 version while before that I had deactivated the cache and refresh it as well.

When I import the 1.4.0 version database in the 1.6.0 new database the following happens: 1. sometimes the websites shows up but then it redirects to the old website. (no errors) 2. sometimes the website does not show at all and keeps on loading and never shows up (no errors)

How can I do that upgrade because it’s been a pain since I have been trying the very same process 5 days continuously. If mysql was a car engine would have been smoking by now

Thank you people and I really appreciate potential advices and instructions.