I am aware of this site not working properly. I am working on it!
v0.4.6.0 beta

I was hoping you could help me with an install problem with phpancake.

I thought I successfully installed phpancake (I got the success message) but on trying to open /public/index.php, I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method mysqli::set_charset() in .../html/kindred/library/lib/dbutils/ShusterDb.php on line 160

I am running PHP Version 5.2.6 '--with-mysqli=/usr/bin/mysql_config'. Also, here is the section of the phpinfo for mysqli

mysqli MysqlI Support enabled Client API library version 4.1.11 Client API header version 4.1.11 MYSQLI_SOCKET /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

Directive Local Value Master Value mysqli.defaulthost no value no value mysqli.defaultport 3306 3306 mysqli.defaultpw no value no value mysqli.defaultsocket no value no value mysqli.defaultuser no value no value mysqli.maxlinks Unlimited Unlimited mysqli.reconnect Off Off

Thanks. I really appreciate the work you have put into phpancake.


Sadly, It is a problem with the client you use, which does not support this function.
If you will go to this method (under lib/dbutils/ShusterDB.php) you will see there a commented line: //$this->select('SET NAMES utf8'); Try to uncomment her and comment the line that gives you an error, it might solve this problem.


Thanks, that got me part way there.

Now I'm getting : Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in .../library/lib/dbutils/ShusterDb.php on line 131

What config change would I need for this to work right? I might be able to get my host to change or at least know what to watch for in future upgrades.

Thanks again.


I have made a new release. Try to install that, after you change the UTF-8 line I told you about last answer.
Then send me the line numbers that gives you an error.


OK, I installed the new version, commented line 49 and un-commented line 150 in ShusterDB.php

Now the error is:

Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to libdbutilsResultsetWrapper::_construct() must be an instance of mysqliresult, boolean given, called in /nfs/c03/h01/mnt/51804/domains/homeschoolbuzz.com/html/kindred/library/lib/dbutils/ShusterDb.php on line 119 and defined in /nfs/c03/h01/mnt/51804/domains/homeschoolbuzz.com/html/kindred/library/lib/dbutils/ResultsetWrapper.php on line 18


For some reason, your code is not sync with what I have. Can you post here the method you have in line 119?
You might find it eqsier to use the mailing list for such problems phpancake@googlegroups.com


yes I agree with him. you can post here the method you have in line 119.

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