I am aware of this site not working properly. I am working on it!
v0.4.6.0 beta


In the start of 2009 I wa looking for a project to do to learn Zend's framework. At that time, approximaly, I was aquainted with Stackoverflow and fell in love with the idea. This project which has started as a practice and educational excersize has turned into an open source once I saw people where looking for such a system (and frankly, It also makes good impression in job interviews).


This system purpose is to create a community site, where decisions, content and the face of the site can be managed in a kind of a Starship-troopers democracy (the more you donate to the community, the more privileges you have). Most of the site is configurable, or at least is designed to be configurable in the future (after all, I do need to work to feed my kids :-) ).
While if and when a community is going to develop around a site which is built on PHPancake is up to you, I will try to make the best tools to help you in that mission, so, any idea on how to improve are more than welcome.

Where do we aim

While the origin of this system is Stackoverflow, we start to move this system a bit away from it. My plane is to create a complete community content based site, which will include the the wanted mix of categories, tree-forums, linear-forums, article/tutorials submissions (and blog entries fall under that too). All configurable (Say you want one category which is tree-forum, two others which are Q/A like stackoverflow and another one is a blog by one of the user which achieved the necessary level to open a blog on the site).
All managed by the community, according to the level setup of the site owner (ofcourse owner has moderator privileges and is omnipotent in this small world).
SO, if you want to help achieve that goal, press here to see the various ways you can help.